Tramontina began to produce in Brazil the line of furniture for professional chefs.

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The Tramontina tables and cabinets are distinguished by the fact that they have a reinforced MDF Ultra top, which guarantees a great resistance to the work orders, keeping the steel perfectly smooth throughout the useful life of the product.

MDF Ultra, is a water resistant material that has antimicrobial protection to ensure total safety against moisture and contamination. 

The support structure is made entirely in stainless steel and has adjustable feet to regulate the height of the modules as required. The tables can also be supplied with perfectly welded vats on the top or with funnel for disposal of debris.

The cabinets with sliding doors are produced with rails and rods that allow easy sliding, as well as a locking system so as not to close your fingers on the doors during opening.

The availability is large and is composed of center cabinets, back cabinets, cabinets corner, cabinets with doors on both sides and cabinets with open doors.

All corners are bent, rounded and welded to prevent the accumulation of dirt and live corners that are dangerous to operators and customers.