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Enamelled iron gas burner used for heating a pan or other container wherever needed. Low-cost and compact equipment, easy to transport and set up. It is the ideal complement to the paella pan for outdoor dining. Burner with 3 or 2 ramps independent from each other. Adjustment knobs for adjusting the power of the cook top. Standard model: pressure 37 mbar. Designed for use on a countertop. For use without a countertop combine it with the de Buyer tripod. Suitable for both butane and propane. It does not include an adapter. Compliant with EC regulations in force.

This “Viva España” pan features a typical Spanish shape with its low edges, specially designed for making paella. It has a hammered bottom which gives it a distinctive look. The low skirt enables good evaporation. Optimum thickness of the iron pan: lightweight range, easy to handle. Ideal for gas.
Heats up quickly, excellent caramelization of food. Natural non-stick properties: gradual seasoning. Large diameter pans ( from 90cm diameter ) with 4 handles. Tip: preheat using a little fat. Season the pan before using for the first time. Care: deglaze, rinse with warm water, dry and oil lightly. Store in a dry place. Do not use detergents or put in the dishwasher. All cook tops EXCEPT induction. Vitroceramic cook tops are not recommended.