Pinti Inox S.p.A. is situated in an area known as “Valtrompia” which has always been linked strongly with the metal-working sector. Since the days of the Ancient Romans, the iron mines and tree covered mountains for the production of coal, joined by the driving force of the water flowing along the rivers, have favoured the metallurgy industry. The area was well known for the production of weapons and blades as early as the Middle Ages. In 1929, after the great recession, Giacomo Pinti decided to set up his own business, opening his first workshop in Lumezzane, where he produced chrome-plated brass cutlery and knives. The company subsequently grew and developed into an important industrial concern. Nowadays the third generation of the family runs the company. Each member oversees a key role in the company. Considerable modernisation has led the company to acquire industrial automated systems and fully renew the product ranges. Our company has been a leader in the cutlery market since 1929. We offer a variety of complete ranges in classic, modern and fashionable styles that make a perfect match with all styles of tableware and go together to create a harmonious ensemble for elegant tabletop. Our lines offer all the accessories you may require to
beautifully set your table and some of them have hollow handle knives with forged blades.

Today the company has two production units and three distribution units:
1.SAREZZO (ITALY): Pintinox S.p.A. with the Sarezzo plant, occupying an indoor area of 15,000 m², housing production of: all the group’s moulds and equipment, complete cycle cutlery, forged cutlery, knives, tableware and accessories, professional pans, buffet line and professional articles.
2.GERMANY: In Germany, Pinti inox GmbH handles distribution throughout German territory.

It is the most prestigious line that includes 90 years of history. This brand identifies the most important range of our production: quality, design, research and innovation come together in unique products.