Piron Ovens

Piron is an ambassador of Made in Italy. They ensure a high quality components and a wide range of products to meet different cooking needs.

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Piron Ovens

Piron is an Italian company that designs and manufactures professional ovens. Founded in 2006, today, the company sells all over the world thanks to the experience and expertise of its founders. Over the years Piron has been characterized by great technical and design skills, the ability to listen to the needs of the market, sales support, creativity and great passion. 

Piron has always been synonymous with reliability and competence, accompanied by constant attention to results and for the needs of each of its customers. 

Piron create ovens that can support the professionalism, creativity and talent of any chEf. 

For pastry and bakery Piron had designed ovens that guarantee uniform and standardized results. 


Piron designed different types of ovens, that can be suitable in any environment. From snack bars to professional kitchens big bakeries, etc.

Piron had created technologies that can meet the demands of regeneration through immediate commands and functions simple and targeted.