McCater Supplies new arrivals, are making your life easier.

 2019-10-16 08:07 AM by

We like to introduce you today, some of McCater new arrivals, from NoStik. The first product is a Skottel Liner. Excellent non-stick coating so that your food never sticks. Healthy results, because you don't need to use butter or other fats. Your Skottel Braai stays impeccably clean. Reusable and easy to clean in warm soapy water. Ideal when camping.

The cake Tin Liner is a pre-formed insert insert sheet for baking tins, that is coated with a high-quality Teflon non-stick coating. As a result, your cake or savoury pie will never again stick to the tin, and there is no need to grease the tin or use flour.

The Loaf Tin Liner, make that your cake or loaf always comes smoothly out of the tin. Non-stick coating on both sides. No need to grease the tin. Loaf tin remains nice and clean, reusable and simple to clean in warm soapy water.

The Nostik Pan liner turns every pan into a new one. The Pan Liner has a high quality Teflon non-stick surface, which makes it the perfect surface to bake, fry and grill on. Nothing will ever stick to it. Furthermore, the Nostik Pan Liner stimulates healthy and well-balanced cooking, as butter and other cooking fats are superfluous due to the excellent non-stick qualities of the Pan Liner.