Luigi Bormioli Mixology

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Luigi Bormioli Mixology

The characteristics that give the title of first class to the glasses of Luigi Bormioli, are mainly the materials and the type of manufacture.


The use of:

- Purest raw material.

- Advanced and eco-friendly melting processes.

- Highly innovate production processes, enable the achievement of a glass:

     - Extra pure and totally transparent.

     - Sparkling.

     - Longer lasting.

     - Resistant to breakages.


This particular glass respects, maintains and enhances the organoleptic characteristics the real aroma and flavors of food and drink contained. 


Luigi Bormioli glasses does not contain any heavy metals and it is produced with extremely low emissions levels in the atmosphere. Through the years, thanks to it's tradition and experience and the continuous efforts of R&D Department,Luigi Bormoli has developed various types of innovate glass:

- SON.hyx High Tech crystal glass.

- SPARKX Ultra clear and durable glass to increase the value of its product and sales.