We are waiting for you in the future.

 2019-12-02 02:32 PM by

In the future, you will control technology around you with a simple touch. 

Intelligent, interconnected and forward-looking technologies designed to contain consumption will simplify your life, intuitively scheduling your day so that you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and be more productive. You will communicate through interactive images that will help you in your daily choices, always leaving you the freedom to do things as you wish. 

Through the cloud, you can check that everything works perfectly and explore the best that this innovative technology has to offer. 

Piron has explored the latest technologies to give you something you've never seen. Forget the simple professional oven: every Explora oven is a smart and interconnected appliance, that can be controlled and programmed through a smartphone, tablet or PC and allows handling all your daily and special activities.


The EON Web App is fully designed to meet the needs of our retailers. Thanks to its intuitive and accessible technology, it provides real-time customer service, greatly reducing costs and time for on-call services. 

It is a precious tool that allows our partners offering cutting-edge and highly loyal service. At your disposal, an exclusive engine to increase your business.