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Elytium Gold by Vicrila

Vicrila, has adopted the latest technology of cut glass that allows a pure and clean cut without edges at the mouth of the article. This cut is obtained by a process of thermal shock calld “crack-off” that allows a controlled circular fracture of the upper part of the article, giving the mouth the reuqired fine appearance; that’s why, the range of tempered sheer rim table glass called Elytium Gold lets us appreciate the main organoleptic main attributes.

The Iridion collection, Developed in cooperation with wine specialists. Presents glasses with a slender stem and elegant bowl shape that gives this range a trendy yet very elegant look. The Iridion collection is an excellent choice for use in fine dining areas and wine bars, and for service by the bottle or by the glass.

The design of Platine collection was a joint effort by a team of wine experts. The elegant bowl shape was designed to allow the wine to breathe, to bring out its aroma and bouquet. Is a perfect choice for use in fine dining areas and wine bars, and for service by the bottle or by the glass. This range is suitable for intensive and professional use, banqueting and large scale catering projects.

The practical design of the Rodio collection is ideal for serving wine by the bottle or by the glass. Combines elegance with efficiency and is best for middle-to-high end casual dining. The Rodio bowl enhances the wine’s best characteristics. Designed to withstand the rigours of intensive use. The Rodio collection is ideal for banqueting, event and party catering.

Victoria is a highly versatile collection that enhances your dining experience. Whether by the glass or by the bottle, Victoria is ideal for casual and fine dining. The Victoria collection’s versatility increases efficiency in your hotel or restaurant. The Victoria creates a dynamic table setting. This range offers you the assurance that comes with the internationally recognized Quality of Vicrila.