Cooking is easier if you use our products.

The Nostik Grill sheet will make you enjoy grilling even more without worrying ever again about the cleaning. No mess, no stress. Perfect for grilling meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, pizzas, eggs and so much more. The Nostik grill sheet is also ideal for grilling sticky marinated food such as chicken wings, ribs and bacon.

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Cooking is easier if you use our products.

The Nostik oven crisper basket is ideal for the preparation of oven chips, nuggets, pizzas, onion rings, etc. without having to use butter or cooking fat. The grill opening allow optimum hot air circulation and thanks to the perfect teflon non-stick coating, the food will never stick to the crisper basket. There are 2 sizes available, 180x280x30mm (1.5Lt), and 290x340x30mm (3Lt).


The Nostik bake liner and be amazed by its wonderful qualities. Not only does the Nostik bake liner surpass the qualities of traditional baking paper thanks to its high-quality non-stick properties, it also outstrips meters of baking paper thanks to its durability. Thanks to its excellent non-stick coating, there is no need for the usage of butter or other cooking fats.

The Nostik silicone pastry mat, has a dual usage: Anti-slip work surface and non-stick oven mat. Is easy to clean in warm soapy water, dishwasher safe.Do not exceed of 500 F, 260C or 8 in the gas ovens.