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White is the classic color with which we have seated our tables for generations. The appearance of the food, usually full of color, stands out against a white background.

But within classicism we can choose different types of shapes. Like the one offered by the Pebble range.

The oval shapes of this range make the monocolor something innovative.

Although we can also have more geometric shapes, such as those offered by the Bistro range.

The combination of the different ranges gives us the possibility to present our dishes in an attractive, innovative and at the same time classic way.

We should also remember the big platters and serving bowls that come with the Buffet Grande range.

The different possibilities when serving our guests is enormous.Stands, bowls, platters, everything that any good host should have in their kitchen cabinets.

And we must not forget to set our table properly at breakfast or coffee time.

The Cafe Society range offers elegant and sophisticated lines to enjoy the first and most important meal of the day.

Everything you need on your table, to give the food, the prominence it deserves.