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  • Cooking is easier if you use our products.

    Cooking is easier if you use our products.

    The Nostik oven crisper basket is ideal for the preparation of oven chips, nuggets, pizzas, onion rings, etc. without having to use butter or cooking fat. The grill opening allow optimum hot air circulation and thanks to the perfect teflon non-stick coating, the food will never stick to the crisper basket. There are 2 sizes available, 180x280x30mm (1.5Lt), and 290x340x30mm (3Lt).


    The Nostik bake liner and be amazed by its wonderful qualities. Not only does the Nostik bake liner surpass the qualities of traditional baking paper thanks to its high-quality non-stick properties, it also outstrips meters of baking paper thanks to its durability. Thanks to its excellent non-stick coating, there is no need for the usage of butter or other cooking fats.

    The Nostik silicone pastry mat, has a dual usage: Anti-slip work surface and non-stick oven mat. Is easy to clean in warm soapy water, dishwasher safe.Do not exceed of 500 F, 260C or 8 in the gas ovens.

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    We like to introduce you today, some of McCater new arrivals, from NoStik. The first product is a Skottel Liner. Excellent non-stick coating so that your food never sticks. Healthy results, because you don't need to use butter or other fats. Your Skottel Braai stays impeccably clean. Reusable and easy to clean in warm soapy water. Ideal when camping.

    The cake Tin Liner is a pre-formed insert insert sheet for baking tins, that is coated with a high-quality Teflon non-stick coating. As a result, your cake or savoury pie will never again stick to the tin, and there is no need to grease the tin or use flour.

    The Loaf Tin Liner, make that your cake or loaf always comes smoothly out of the tin. Non-stick coating on both sides. No need to grease the tin. Loaf tin remains nice and clean, reusable and simple to clean in warm soapy water.

    The Nostik Pan liner turns every pan into a new one. The Pan Liner has a high quality Teflon non-stick surface, which makes it the perfect surface to bake, fry and grill on. Nothing will ever stick to it. Furthermore, the Nostik Pan Liner stimulates healthy and well-balanced cooking, as butter and other cooking fats are superfluous due to the excellent non-stick qualities of the Pan Liner.

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    The first item that we introduce you today is the Nostik Oven liner with perfect non-stick coating, that make cleaning your oven superfluous. The liner collects all splashes and baking residue, ensuring that your baking tray and oven base stay clean.

     The second product, is the Nostik toast bags, that are reusable, with a temperature resistant from -72 to 260 C. Avoid contact with sharp objects, burners, heating elements and flames. 

    With this third product, the Nostik splatter Screen you will never have to get irritated about spattering cooking or burning your hands. Fits all pots from 20 to 32 cm. Heat resistant 260 C, and avoid contact with flames, heating elements and sharp objects.


    The Nostik Gas range protector,help to keep your gas stove clean from splashes and baked on residue created by over-cooking. Is dishwasher safe, and suitable for all gas stove. 

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    Vicrila, has adopted the latest technology of cut glass that allows a pure and clean cut without edges at the mouth of the article. This cut is obtained by a process of thermal shock calld "crack-off" that allows a controlled circular fracture of the upper part of the article, giving the mouth the reuqired fine appearance; that's why, the range of tempered sheer rim table glass called Elytium Gold lets us appreciate the main organoleptic main attributes.

    The Iridion collection, Developed in cooperation with wine specialists. Presents glasses with a slender stem and elegant bowl shape that gives this range a trendy yet very elegant look. The Iridion collection is an excellent choice for use in fine dining areas and wine bars, and for service by the bottle or by the glass.

    The design of Platine collection was a joint effort by a team of wine experts. The elegant bowl shape was designed to allow the wine to breathe, to bring out its aroma and bouquet. Is a perfect choice for use in fine dining areas and wine bars, and for service by the bottle or by the glass. This range is suitable for intensive and professional use, banqueting and large scale catering projects.

    The practical design of the Rodio collection is ideal for serving wine by the bottle or by the glass. Combines elegance with efficiency and is best for middle-to-high end casual dining. The Rodio bowl enhances the wine's best characteristics. Designed to withstand the rigours of intensive use. The Rodio collection is ideal for banqueting, event and party catering.

    Victoria is a highly versatile collection that enhances your dining experience. Whether by the glass or by the bottle, Victoria is ideal for casual and fine dining. The Victoria collection's versatility increases efficiency in your hotel or restaurant. The Victoria creates a dynamic table setting. This range offers you the assurance that comes with the internationally recognized Quality of Vicrila.




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  • Thermo Whip Plus.

    Thermo Whip Plus.

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    The stacking glasses are perfect to save space in your cabinets and shelves. 

    The glasses that Vicrila offers us continue to maintain their quality and elegance, but giving us the added value of the convenience and practicality of stacking the glasses, to make our lives easier.



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    Vicrila, with more than 120 years of experience in the glass industry, is the biggest and oldest maker of table glass in Spain. They manufacture more than 200 million articles each year and have been manufacturing glass since 1890. Vicrila have been awarded with the Silver Q, which is the European acknowledgement of excellent management. 


    The tempered table glass, marked with a characteristic "T", offers the following advantages: fully tempered articles, good thermal behavior, and that extends the life of the product by five times comparing with non tempered articles. Furthermore, the articles resist temperatures up to 135. 


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    The Tramontina tables and cabinets are distinguished by the fact that they have a reinforced MDF Ultra top, which guarantees a great resistance to the work orders, keeping the steel perfectly smooth throughout the useful life of the product.

    MDF Ultra, is a water resistant material that has antimicrobial protection to ensure total safety against moisture and contamination. 

    The support structure is made entirely in stainless steel and has adjustable feet to regulate the height of the modules as required. The tables can also be supplied with perfectly welded vats on the top or with funnel for disposal of debris.

    The cabinets with sliding doors are produced with rails and rods that allow easy sliding, as well as a locking system so as not to close your fingers on the doors during opening.

    The availability is large and is composed of center cabinets, back cabinets, cabinets corner, cabinets with doors on both sides and cabinets with open doors.

    All corners are bent, rounded and welded to prevent the accumulation of dirt and live corners that are dangerous to operators and customers. 





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  • Churrasco Cutlery

    Churrasco Cutlery

    Tramontina offers us the Currasco range, a product that combines the quality of stainless steel with the comfort of wooden handles.


    From serving utensils to the most basic cutlery, this range set your table in an alternative style, which perfectly matches the South Africa's Braai.


    The warmth of its colors, the lightness of its shapes and the quality of the product, make this range indispensable for any table.

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  • Tramontina Cutlery

    Tramontina Cutlery

    The Tramontina brand was founded in 1911, by Valentin Tramontina, the son of Italian immigrants, in the city of Carlos Barbosa. Mr Tramontina built a solid business based on the ideals of dedication, hard work, and delivering reliable, durable and high-quality products.


    Tramontina product quality is visible throughout its production, as evidenced by Classic 18/10 stainless steel cutlery.

    Elegance and style stand out in this range. 

    Tramontina takes is in accordance with the strictest standards of environmental management and social responsibility. This special care is evident in how it preserves matters of cultural heritage and provides for the common good.

    As we can see with the Rennaisance cutlery range, with a delicate engraving, in the resistant 18/10 stainless steel, which Tramontina offers to us.

    Set your table in style, is easy with Tramontina Cutlery.

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  • Luigi Bormioli Mixology

    Luigi Bormioli Mixology

    The characteristics that give the title of first class to the glasses of Luigi Bormioli, are mainly the materials and the type of manufacture.


    The use of:

    - Purest raw material.

    - Advanced and eco-friendly melting processes.

    - Highly innovate production processes, enable the achievement of a glass:

         - Extra pure and totally transparent.

         - Sparkling.

         - Longer lasting.

         - Resistant to breakages.


    This particular glass respects, maintains and enhances the organoleptic characteristics the real aroma and flavors of food and drink contained. 


    Luigi Bormioli glasses does not contain any heavy metals and it is produced with extremely low emissions levels in the atmosphere. Through the years, thanks to it's tradition and experience and the continuous efforts of R&D Department,Luigi Bormoli has developed various types of innovate glass:

    - SON.hyx High Tech crystal glass.

    - SPARKX Ultra clear and durable glass to increase the value of its product and sales.




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    Art, creativity, aesthetic inventiveness, continuous innovation, quality standards are all key factors and synonymous of the brand Luigi Bormioli. The Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Standards. 

    Today, McCater Supplies introduce you the range Mixology by Luigi Bormioli.


    The style of these cocktail glasses ensure elegance and quality on your table. The different patterns on the glasses, with a retro design, give us the possibility of making combinations when serving our cocktails.



    All accessories than you can imagine for make your cocktail are available. Luigi Bormioli offers us a wide range of bottles to mix ingredients for our cocktails.


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    White is the classic color with which we have seated our tables for generations. The appearance of the food, usually full of color, stands out against a white background.

    But within classicism we can choose different types of shapes. Like the one offered by the Pebble range.

    The oval shapes of this range make the monocolor something innovative.

    Although we can also have more geometric shapes, such as those offered by the Bistro range.

    The combination of the different ranges gives us the possibility to present our dishes in an attractive, innovative and at the same time classic way.

    We should also remember the big platters and serving bowls that come with the Buffet Grande range.

    The different possibilities when serving our guests is enormous.Stands, bowls, platters, everything that any good host should have in their kitchen cabinets.

    And we must not forget to set our table properly at breakfast or coffee time.

    The Cafe Society range offers elegant and sophisticated lines to enjoy the first and most important meal of the day.

    Everything you need on your table, to give the food, the prominence it deserves.


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    McCater Supplies offer our customers an amazing assortment of crockery ranges. From the most classic to the most innovative options. Lets start with Elements Rustic by Continental.



    The different colors in this range, light green, dark green, orange terracotta, brown, blue & white, make it easy to add a touch of color to our tables. This crockery is made in South Africa, and give us a high standard of quality, durability and style.




    The Continental China brand, with 70 years of experience, has attained global recognition and proudly stands by the quality of the products. Our knowledge of the demand of the professional food service industry, makes McCater Supplies trust this brand and all their ranges, for our customers. 


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