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Tincan or Blikboks Projects as it is affectionately known, was born within McCater to ensure that the specific requirements and desires of our customers are met. The team is led by Craig. Our specialty is to design anew and to assist on improving your professional food service establishment.

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Our fully equipped demo kitchen enables our clients to observe
first-hand the operation of our commercial equipment and new technologies in action.

The demonstration of the commercial equipment is carried out with a specialized technician, who prepares and cooks the relevant food product with the client, thus displaying the full potential of our equipment. The technician also answers questions and provides additional detail in order to assist in an informed purchase.

The quality of the final product of our projects is vital for us as a team. Regardless of the size of the space to be renovated or designed, we endeavour to give the client their desired end result.

Whether imported or manufactured in South Africa, we seek at all times to provide a service and product best suited to the needs of our clients.


We are continually innovating to be able to offer you the very best of our industry.

Their knowledge and experience will inspire you to start baking from home or for your hospitality endeavour.