Bakerlux Shop Pro ovens designed for baking frozen baked food in commercial spaces, when timing is crucial and volumes are vast.

 2019-11-06 11:20 AM by

Any mistake can cost you greatly and every second counts.

Bakerlux Shop Pro ovens are the result of Unox's years of experience and research in supermarkets bakery departments, convenience stores and fast food chains. 

They are designed for optimal performance in all working conditions and to be simple to use.

Using the latest smart technology, they provide the outlet with real support and can adapt to any working environment, be it behind the scenes in a prep room or in an open kitchen on the shop floor.

The 10, 6, 4 and 3 tray 600X400mm models are the benchmark for any high-volume shop whist the 4 and 3 trays 460x330mm models are perfectly suited to smaller shops with less available space.


The choice of four different control panel options means that there are more solutions available to you, so you can always find the Baker Shop Pro best suited to you.