Today we present some of the different ranges that Anvil offers us, and that you can find in McCater Supplies.

 2019-11-18 01:05 PM by

The Anvil Convection Ovens are made in stainless steel, internal and external. They have rounded interior corners and removable shelves runners ensure ease of cleaning. The oven is fan assisted and fitted with a custom designed baffle plate. This ensures that excellent temperature distribution is achieved providing a reliable baking uniformity and a product which is perfectly baked on botch sides, making superior to static ovens. 

The Prima Pro unit is provided with a grill element making it ideal for browning, roasting and grilling. A bake timer is also included to automatically switch off after a present period. 

Interior light is fitted as a standard feature. Operating temperature: 50C - 300C.

The Anvil Deck Ovens have robust construction, with a front face Stainless steel. The side, top and rear panels painted mild steel. 120 min mechanical timer. Max temperature 300C. Glass viewing window. Top and bottom element are independently controlled. Interior light.