Today we present some of the different ranges that Anvil offers us, and that you can find in McCater Supplies.

 2019-11-18 01:05 PM by

Anvil comprehensive range of products will ensure that your kitchen has reltiable and dependable equipment to cater for all your cooking and heating requirements. Also, as an experienced appliance equipment manufacturer, we place a strong emphasis, on the use of high-quality  material and components in Anvil products thus ensuring that are built to last.


The Anvil fryers, are produced in South Africa, with a specially designed tilt-up for easy removal of oil tank to drain the oil. Stainless Steel construction, for easy cleaning. Thermostatically controlled operating temperature range: 50 C-190 C. Automatic safety cut-out to prevent oil flashing-manual resettable. 

The chip dump is fitted with incolony element. Ideal for keeping product warm. Tha lamp illuminates product for enhanced presentation. Sloped drip tray makes serving easier and avoids damage to the product being scooped out.

The electric salamander is perfect for restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, etc... These salamanders are ideal for: toasting, approx 200-400 slices a hour, defrosting of ready-made dishes, reheating pizzas, croissants , sausage rolls. fried eggs, etc... Gratinating onion soups, cheese sandwiches, etc...